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B12 Injections

B12 vitamin injections have been shown to be great energy boosters, mood enhancers, stress relief and weight loss facilitators. Feeling a little down? Get a great pick me up with this fast and (almost) painless procedure. Vitamin B12 helps with neurological processes, heart health, conversion of food into energy, and an improved immune system. With all these benefits it is hard to come up with a reason not to get B12 injections in Chandler, AZ and the surrounding areas.

More About B12 Injections

One exciting benefit of B12 is that it has been shown to increase energy levels. Not having enough B12 results in an inability to convert food into energy. Getting a boost of B12 ensures that food is being efficiently converted into energy. This has the dual benefit of increasing the level of energy a person feels as well as efficiently burning the food-fuel, rather than storing it as fat. This decreases weight gain as well as feelings of fatigue.

As more and more studies are being done on the benefits of Vitamin B12 complex, it is proving helpful in more and more areas of health. Another such example is protection against the ravages of aging on the brain. Age-related disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have a slower decline in those with higher levels of B12.

Additional brain and nervous system health is improved as B12 supports the production of myelin, a protective sheath that covers each nerve. This sheath assists in everything from memory, to mood, to reaction time. Protecting this important body function cannot be underestimated.

In the area of heart health, B12 reduces the level of homocysteine in a person’s blood. This decreases the risk of getting arteriosclerosis, a hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This condition inhibits natural blood flow, which puts a person at risk for stroke, heart attack, and other kinds of cardiovascular disease.
B12 is an important part of treating Pernicious anemia and, of course, B12 deficiency. Pernicious anemia is a condition where the body is unable to produce a sufficient supply of red blood cells. This lack of healthy red blood cells has a negative impact on the nervous system and other necessary body functions.

B12 Injection Benefits

  • Getting B12 injections can be a helpful addition to any weight loss plan.
  • It can also aid in treatment for disorders such as chronic fatigue and immunodeficiency disorders.
  • B12 improves immune function overall, thereby making it a benefit to people with fragile health conditions.

Why B12 Injection vs Oral Supplements

B12 Injections - Chandler Arizona
Injecting vitamin B12 is the fastest and easiest way for the body to absorb it. Vitamin B12 is given under the caring guidance of our physician, making sure it is appropriate for each person receiving the injection. A thorough evaluation of any medical conditions you may have as well as any medications you may be on will be reviewed for your safety and to ensure that B12 injections are the right option for you.

Contact New Image Med Spa today to find out if B12 injections in Chandler, AZ is right for you and your health.

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