Chemical Peel Chandler

Chemical Peel

New Image Med Spa offers a variety of Chemical Peels in Chandler to improve your skin’s texture and tone from sun damage, aging, blemishes, acne and more.

PCA® Peel Exfoliating

These patented and proven light-to-medium depth peel formulas effectively exfoliate, bleach and inhibit pigment production. These peels help to repair and reduce breakouts, control oil, soften lines and provide a more even, smooth skin texture. PCA® Peel exfoliating treatments are available in many formulas:

PCA® Peel HQ Free Exfoliating

This peel is ideal for more sensitive skin types, ethnic skin and/or those allergic to hydroquinone. This peel with help to unclog pores, clean acne and rejuvenate the skin. It is also an excellent choice for maintaining even pigmentation and correcting pigment discolorations for those with hydroquione sensitivities.

PCA® Peel with Hydroquinone Exfoliating

This formula is for those who want even skin tone and have no sensitivity to hydroquinone. It will also help to correct melasma, sun damage and pigment discolorations of any kind. In addition, this peel will help inhibit active acne and correct post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) from acne.

PCA® Peel with Hydroquinone & Resorcinol

The most potent PCA® Peel with Hydroquinone and Resorcinol will provide more exfoliation for oilier, thicker and resilient skin types. It is effective on extremely sun damaged and thickened skin. It is also excellent for those with active/cystic acne and asphyxiated skin (dry on the surface, oily underneath).

Vitalize Peel

Vitalize® Peel from SkinMedica brings the benefits of alpha-hydroxy and other peeling agents in a unique blend to provide a strong, but gentle treatment that is appropriate for all skin types. Vitalize® Peel has been clinically proven to help reduce the visible signs of aging.

After one Vitalize® Peel you will notice:

  • An improvement in your skin’s texture and tone
  • Lessening of fine lines
  • Healthier more youthful appearance
  • Dramatic results are achieved with a series of peels

Who should consider a Vitalize® Peel?

Anyone who wants their skin to look better and help fight the effect of time should consider Vitalize Peel. Those who have sun-damaged, aging, blemish-prone, acne scarred skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma or general poor skin quality will benefit most.

How long will the treatment take?

From start to finish the procedure should take approximately 20-30 minutes. There is little or no downtime.


  • For best results, it is advisable to avoid sun exposure and the following products and procedures at least one week prior to you chemical peel:
  • Electrolysis
  • Waxing
  • Depilatory creams

Please avoid the following products two to three days prior:

  • Any Retin-A®, Renova, Differin (Adapalene 0.1%), Tazorac
  • Any products containing Retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) or benzyl peroxide
  • Any exfoliating products that may be drying or irritating
  • Shaving of the area to be peeled should be avoided on the day of the peel.


  • The skin may look and feel like a mild windburn for the next two to three days prior to skin peeling. After 48 hours a slight flaking may occur. For best results, use the following products after your chemical peel:
  • Sunscreen of SPF 20 or higher during treatment and for at least one week afterward
  • Gentle cleanser; do not scrub
  • Light moisturizer
  • After one week, you can resume your normal skin care products

And, avoid the following after treatment:

  • Sun exposure
  • Abrasive facial cleansers
  • Pulling or “helping” shedding skin to peel
  • Strenuous exercise for 2 to 3 days
  • Any products containing salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), glycolic acids, Vitamin A, and retinol during treatment and actual peeling
  • Any other facial treatment for at least one week after your peel

PCA Skin Treatments - Chemical Peel Chandler

Chemical Peel FAQ

Q. How much discomfort should be expected when having a peel?
A. The level of discomfort experienced depends on the treatment. Most Physician’s Choice Chemical peels are gentle and create little or no burning or stinging sensation in the skin. Dramatic wrinkling, sun damage or acne scars may require a deeper peel, which may cause moderate stinging for a few minutes. More dramatic results can be expected from a deeper peel, however deep peels are not necessary for most skin types and conditions. A superficial chemical peel in Chandler can create minimal discomfort and produce beautiful and immediate results for most patients.

Q. What is the difference between the three PCA Peel formulas?
A. PCA® Peel HQ Free is excellent for more sensitive skin types, ethnic skin, those with allergies to hydroquinone, and anyone wanting to maintain the condition of their skin. PCA Peel with HQ has a stronger lightening capability and it will help to quickly even out skin tone. PCA Peel with HQ and Resorcinol is for more resilient skin types. Resorcinol is an antiseptic, antifungal and astringent flaking agent which makes this formula excellent for treating active acne, smoker’s skin, oily, thick skin and hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) on hands, elbows, arms, knees, legs, backs and shoulders.

Q. Why would Ultra Peel II Exfoliating Treatment be applied and when?
A. Ultra Peel II increases hydration and will encourage more flaking and peeling because of its high retinol (vitamin A) content. It may be applied after any Physician’s Choice professional treatment, or as a very mild treatment when used alone.

Q. Which chemical peel in Chandler is recommended for use in conjunction with microdermabrasion?
A. Using Physician’s Choice chemical peels with microdermabrasion will enhance results. The Ultra Peel I, Ultra Peel II and Sensi Peel exfoliating treatments, Detox Gel for Normal/Sensitive Skin, Esthetique Peel and Oxygenating Facial Trio are all very effective choices for use following gentle microdermabrasion. These treatments may be used to encourage peeling, hydration and lightening of the skin.

Q. What skin type or condition will benefit most from the Pumpkin Peel and what results are expected?
A. The Pumpkin Peel BETA-C Mask is best for dull, rough skin and/or acne. It provides nutrient input and will brighten the skin. It is also great on very sun damaged skin that has lumps and bumps.

Q. May people who are frequently in the sun receive a chemical peel?
A. Yes, but only if they are compliant with using sunscreen protection every day. Sunbathing should be avoided directly following a chemical peel and while the skin is peeling. If you are getting a peel to lighten the skin, it is imperative to use the appropriate pHaze 13 Pigment Gel Dyschromia Controller followed by pHaze 6+ Hydrator Plus SPF 25 or pHaze 7 Protecting Hydrator SPF 25 to reduce any chance of further hyperpigmentation.

Q. Which chemical peel may be used on someone who exercises frequently?
A. Someone who is active may have any peel but all peel patients must wait 48 hours after treatment to exercise. If this is not an option, the Non-Burning Facial Peel or Intensive Vitamin C Treatment are alternative choices. These treatments use our Ultra Peel II Exfoliating Treatment which is an acid-free, time-released retinol cream. Its delayed flaking action will not cause irritation or downtime, and leaves the skin glowing and hydrated.

Q. May pregnant or lactating women receive a peel?
A. No. We recommend only the Oxygenating Facial Trio, Detox Gel for Normal/Skin or Detox Gel for Oily/Problem Skin treatments for pregnant or lactating women. Consult your OB/GYN for a personal recommendation.

Q. Will a chemical peel make thin skin even thinner?
A. Dry skin is partially the result of dead cell buildup which actually hinders the absorption and penetration of vitamins and nutrients. Having an Ultra Peel I or Sensi Peel Exfoliating Treatment will remove surface buildup, hydrate the skin and give it a plumper, “thicker” appearance. The use of topical vitamin C products, as well as in a home care regimen, will help build the collagen in the skin, thus making it stronger and more durable.

Q. Are there any treatments that are good for rosacea?
A. Physician’s Choice of Arizona, Inc. offers many options to help control rosacea. Our gentle TCA and L-lactic acid peel blend solutions are wonderful choices for rosacea. Esthetique Peel, Ultra Peel I and Sensi Peel exfoliating all act as antibacterial agents that reduce inflammation and help promote healing. Rosacea is best controlled with a combination of in-office treatments, home care products and lifestyle considerations. Heat is an enemy of rosacea – stay cool!

Q. Is it OK for someone using Retin-A, Differin, Accutane or Tazorac to have Physician’s Choice professional treatments?
A. We generally recommend that Retin-A and Differin use be stopped five days prior to a peel and five days post treatment because of potential irritation and uneven peel penetration. Those using Tazorac generally need to stop use 10 days before treatment to avoid this irritation. Accutane users tend to have very dry and sensitive skin and need to be treated only with peels that are appropriate for their skin type. We have found that most of the Physician’s Choice chemical peel solutions are Accutane friendly. However, patients should always consult their physician before discontinuing use of any prescription. The patient’s skin care specialist should always be made aware of any prescription medication use. Remember, good communication with your skin care professional is vital.

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