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How does Juvéderm® work?

Juvéderm® treatments are performed in our office in about 30 minutes and results are immediate. The treatment solution incorporates hyaluronic acid which is contained in the crystal-clear gel. Every syringe is specifically designed for a different treatment area.

When it is injected in the skin, Juvéderm® creates volume. This results in a vital and healthy appearance. Unlike many other implants, Juvéderm® does not come from animals. Because of this, you won’t need to be concerned about any potential allergic reactions.


In time, youthful skin loses its natural volume as folds and wrinkles start to form. The dermal filler Juvéderm® Injectable Gel from New Image Med Spa helps to smooth folds and facial wrinkles and is approved by the FDA.

As elastin fibers and your skins underlying collagen start to break down, creases and facial wrinkles appear on your skin. Although this is considered to be a natural part of the aging process, it can also be caused by excessive frowning, squinting, and smiling.

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What areas respond the best to Juvéderm®?

There are many areas that respond positively with Juvéderm®. Deeper wrinkles on chins and cheeks, wrinkles in mouth corners, cheeks and between eyes, as well as “crow’s feet”, and fine forehead lines.


Is it safe?

Yes. The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, this means that it dissolves naturally as well, becoming integrated with your own body’s tissue over time. The molecules eventually dissolve, turning into water over time and departing your body without a trace.

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How long does it last?

It varies from individual to individual. The length of time your treatment will last depends on many factors such as your skin, your lifestyle and your age. Most patients find the effect remains after 9 months.  A touch-up can be performed at any time you like after the previous treatment.

How will I look after my treatment?

Normal activity can occur as soon as Dr. Hetrick has finished performing your injections of Juvéderm®. There may be minimal discomfort; this includes slight swelling at the treatment area that can last several hours. Slight bruising may also occur, but make-up can be used to cover these. We also find that pineapple juice pre and post-treatment is highly effective in minimizing any potential bruising. If you aren’t quite prepared for surgery but have the desire to rid yourself of wrinkles, call New Image Med Spa for a free consultation to find out if Juvéderm® is right for you.

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