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Plasma Resurfacing

Portrait® Plasma Laser Resurfacing

As the years go by, the effects of life start to show, particularly on the face. Aging, sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle choices and acne can all leave their marks on the skin, despite your best skin care efforts to erase or prevent them. Pigment, wrinkles, lines, sagging, thinning, creases, crepey skin and laxity can add entire years onto your appearance as well as affect your self-confidence. Like many cosmetic skin treatments, laser resurfacing can also restore your confidence and give you the boost you need to enjoy every day to the fullest again.

Portrait® laser resurfacing is a skin treatment that delivers effective and rapid results. The device uses energy delivered from plasma. Unlike other skin rejuvenation therapies today that use other types of lasers, light, ultrasound or radio frequency. What this means for the Doctor is a very direct path of strong, focused and concentrated energy that can be used to treat a number of patient concerns like; fine lines, deep lines, pore size, skin texture, scaring, hyperpigmentation, skin elasticity and more. What it means for the patient, is a skin resurfacing treatment like no other!

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Portrait® delivers nitrogen plasma energy below the surface of your skin to generate new collagen. This offers substantial cosmetic effects on the skin to improve skin tone, texture and laxity. With tiny pulses of nitrogen plasma, the Portrait® laser delivers results without serious risk or extensive downtime. Because the procedure of laser skin resurfacing allows the skin’s most outer layer to remain intact, like a Band-aid, new skin is protected as it regenerates. Best of all, the healing process peels away years of skin damage. Plasma laser resurfacing treatments boost the skin’s natural regeneration process for younger looking and firmer skin. Because the energy from the plasma is uniformly absorbed, the treated area experiences incredible collagen and elastin regeneration!
What to Expect From Portrait® Plasma Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

The procedure begins with a topical application of numbing cream, then our doctor will administer the pain medication. After approximately a half an hour, to allow the numbing cream and medication to take effect, the doctor will begin the treatment. Delivering pulses of plasma energy from the device, resurfacing treatment usually takes between 45-60 minutes. Once the procedure is complete and all necessary areas have been sufficiently treated, there will be swelling and redness which then tends to crust over after a few days as it turns a brownish color and looks more like a burn. There can also be a hot stingy sensation which subsides after the first day. On day 3 to 5, that top layer will begin to peel off. Most people are able to return to their regular routines a few days after the procedure, depending on the strength of the treatment.

The downtime proceeding the first day is really just social. “Social downtime” means there will be minimal pain and minimal rest necessary to heal while going about your regular activities. You may just look a tad scary at work, the grocery store or out to lunch with friends but you’ll feel better than you look. It must be understood that this treatment provokes fresh, brand new skin that needs healing. This means it must be babied! No harsh products, no sun and no heat (hot tubs, sauna, hot showers, vigorous exercise, etc. ) will equate to the best results without risk of Post Inflammatory Hypopigmentation or other adverse reactions. It is also very important not to pick, peel, scratch, rub or scrub the new skin. It will be tempting but trust us when we say – resist the urge! Rushing the peeling process and healing skin by rubbing or picking can create scarring, hypopigmentation and a less than perfect result.

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