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Dermaplaning (Epidermal Leveling)

Dermaplaning has long been a closely held secret of Hollywood stars. It is the shaving off of the top layer of skin, which also removes the peach-fuzz hair on the face. As people age, their skin’s natural ability for exfoliating diminishes from a process that is completed every couple of weeks to one that only happens about once a month. The dead layer of skin sits on the skin below and deprives it of oxygen.

Dermaplaning removes fine lines, thin hair, dirt, dead skin, and oil buildup. This gives skin a more youthful look and allows it to naturally rejuvenate by delivering enriching oxygen to the living skin cells. Come into New Image Med Spa today and find out how dermaplaning can make a difference for you.

More on Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning differs from the sometimes more well-known procedure called dermabrasion, which is a much more intense procedure that involves removing layers of skin down to the dermis. Dermaplaning differs greatly as it shaves off only the top layer of skin, called the epidermis.

Dermaplaning is a quick treatment that requires no healing time and has no adverse effects. It is safe for women who are pregnant and those who are nursing. While some chemical peels are not safe for pregnant women and their developing fetus, dermaplaning uses nothing but a thin scalpel and a delicate touch.

There are many positive effects of having the top layer of skin removed. As stated above, this layer is mainly made up of dead cells that suffocate the lower layers. In addition to removing this dead skin and hair, the buildup of oils and debris that are held by hair follicles are also removed. This gives the skin an invigorated look.

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Additional Dermaplaning Benefits

  • Some woman have concerns that the shaving off of peach-fuzz hair will cause it to grow back thicker or darker. That is not the case for superficial, or vellus, hair. The hair will grow back just as thin and the same color it originally was. Not having this thin layer of hair gives the skin a smoother appearance and makes it easier to apply makeup. The hair holds oil, so having it removed will also reduce the shininess some people face from excessive oil production.
  • Another benefit of dermaplaning is that having the dead layers of skin removed allows skin products to more readily be absorbed into the skin. When you apply skin toning and reparative creams your living layer of cells now make up the top layer, where they can easily absorb those products. Also having better access to oxygen allows the cells to more efficiently make use of the products.
  • At New Image Med Spa our skilled practitioners are able to painlessly remove the buildup of dead skin, oils and hair with detailed precision. The living layer of epidermis will be left healthy and untouched. Dermaplaning does not involve any downtime. It can be done every couple weeks, but is often done when the thin layer of hair begins to grow back. This often takes about a month for most people.

Dermaplaning by New Image Med Spa

Here at New Image Med Spa, we provide excellent dermaplaning services. Our staff has been expertly trained for all of your dermaplaning needs and will make sure that you stay comfortable during the process and achieve your desired results.

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