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Chemical Peels by New Image Med Spa

When you’re looking for quality skin treatments, like chemical peels, it’s extremely important to go somewhere that is a trusted name in the industry. New Image Med Spa stays ahead of the curve when it comes to chemical peel skin treatments and we make sure that our customers and patients are always comfortable and that they see the results they desire. Call us today and ask us about our chemical peels and other types of skin treatments that we can offer at New Image Med Spa!

Chemical Peel

What is the purpose of a chemical peel?

Chemical peels gently exfoliate the surface of the skin, removing the build-up of dead and damaged skin cells using a precise chemical formulation. The regeneration of healthy new cells speeds up to promote smoother, radiant skin. We customize chemical peel in several ways. We select the best formulation for your skin type, existing concerns and goals for your skin. We will determine the strength, formulation, and duration the peel will be left on your skin. These factors will also determine the downtime, if any, required after your treatment.

What can I expect after a Chemical Peel?

A light superficial peel requires no downtime and may be used monthly as a maintenance treatment. Our medium depth peels target imperfections such as enlarged pores, acne, and pigmentation. After the medium peel is applied, the skin may appear mildly red for a while and sloughing or mild peeling may occur 3 to 5 days after treatment. Stronger peels will promote moderate peeling but will achieve more dramatic results. Aftercare products are highly recommended to cut down on healing time and to achieve the best results possible. The time frame for healing varies, to get a better understanding of the healing process, we recommend that you schedule a free consultation to speak with our experienced staff. At NIMS you will receive expert care from our highly trained and experienced professionals who strive to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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