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Top 5 Chemical Peel Myths

In this article, we’ll debunk the top 5 chemical peel myths and help you learn more about peels and how they can be beneficial for every skin type.

Myth #1 – You’ll Look Like A Scary Monster!

This myth got its start on a famous TV show about four female friends living in the Big Apple. Yeah, you know the one. Us gals need a little drama to go along with our cocktails and love lives, right? The truth is you and your Aesthetician should discuss your skincare objectives and just how deep the chemical peel should be to meet those goals. Some peels can be very superficial while others can be more aggressive. Together the two of you will decide the depth of the peel and the level of healing time needed if any.


Myth #2 – Chemical Peels Are Painful?

Not all peels are the same – so be sure that your Aesthetician describes what to expect with your treatment. Some peels will generate a mildly warm tingling sensation, while other peels act as a mild anesthetic on the skin. If you have sensitive skin there are many effective options available. One size does not fit all and a licensed Aesthetician can help find the solution that’s right for your skin.


Myth #3 – All You Need Is A Peel!

A chemical peel is not a quick fix. Only a complete skincare regimen will slow the aging process. Sunscreen is a vital component of that regimen. Did you know that 95% of all aging is caused by the sun and after a chemical peel the skin is photosensitive for up to a week? Protect your investment and wear your sunscreen!


Myth #4 – Chemical Peels Are Not For Teens?

This myth is tied to the healing time of debunked myth #1. Chemical peels are an EXCELLENT solution for teenagers with acne skin, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and scarring. Peels lighten PIH (which is the colored scarring that can be leftover from a breakout) and increase cell turnover (so dead skin does not clog pores). After a peel, it is important for teens to need to keep their skin clean, moisturized and protected with sunscreen.


Myth #5 – DIY Chemical Peels Are Great!

Over-the-counter peels simply aren’t effective and professional peels can have complications if used incorrectly. An Aesthetician can analyze your skin and recommend the treatment protocol that’s right for your individual needs. You wouldn’t fly a plane without a pilot’s license, would you?

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