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What Body Areas Can Ultherapy Be Applied To?

There are many areas on the body that Ultherapy can be applied to.

Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses safe and gentle ultrasound energy to both tighten and lift the skin naturally.

With Ultherapy, there is no need to undergo an invasive surgical procedure to achieve younger, healthier-looking skin. This unique approach to dermal rejuvenation has so many advantages over surgery. These benefits include a drastic reduction in associated risks in addition to zero recovery time, which allows recipients of Ultherapy to complete the treatment and continue with their day-to-day activities uninterrupted. Making Ultherapy extremely popular with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Christy Brinkley, Vanessa Williams and many others. Ultherapy is a gentle, safe, non-invasive dermal rejuvenation procedure that can be applied to many areas of the body.

Ultherapy Procedure

Ultherapy can be used to gradually and gently lift the skin of the face and brow to treat skin tissues under the chin, treat the neck and to smooth wrinkles and fine lines on the décolletage. Ultherapy is a unique and innovative procedure that uses the body’s naturally occurring regenerative healing response to lift and tighten the skin by stimulating your own collagen production. Effective, gentle, and safe, Ultherapy is the only non-invasive dermal rejuvenation procedure currently approved by the FDA for the face, neck and décolleté. It is also currently the only cosmetic treatment that uses ultrasound technology. Ultherapy employs ultrasound imaging to thoroughly assess and target tissue layers, accurately and effectively treating them with direct ultrasonic heat.

One of Ultherapy’s many advantages is that the results are generated internally, meaning that the notable effects of this non-invasive cosmetic procedure are, in fact, completely natural. Ultherapy treatments require no recovery, and the treatment itself typically lasts between 30 and 120 minutes, depending on the area(s) treated. Ultherapy restores the youthfulness and reduces epidermal sagging in the chest and neck. This treatment stimulates collagen, which lifts the nasolabial folds and restores fullness to the cheeks. Jowl reduction is another function of Ultherapy, creating a sleeker and more defined jawline. When applied to the brow, safe and gentle Ultherapy treatments can reduce hooding of the eyelids, elevate the brow, and even open up the eye area, making Ultherapy a remarkably multifaceted, non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

Off Label Treatment Areas

It is not FDA approved to treat other areas of the body but we have seen fantastic results to areas of the body treated with Ultherapy such as; stomach, above the knees, arms, backs of thighs and buttocks.

One advantage of Ultherapy, when compared to other skin treatments, is that most patients will require only one treatment. Some patients, however, may require subsequent treatments. What determines the number of treatments is skin laxity and the individual’s unique collagen-building process, among other things.

If you are starting to notice droopiness in the eyebrow area, mild sagging in the neck and chin area, or some wrinkling on the chest area, then Ultherapy may be the ideal treatment for you.

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