Ultherapy® - Chandler, AZ



New Image Med Spa is proud to offer the highly appraised non-surgical lifting procedure, Ultherapy® in Chandler, AZ.  Ultherapy® is the only non-invasive treatment that lifts skin and has FDA Approval. Targeting areas on the neck, chin and brow, Ultherapy® utilizes ultrasound technology.

This allows the system to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin, gradually tightening your skin by generating new collagen. The procedure requires no downtime and can be completed in less than 90 minutes. There’s no easier way to achieve tighter fitting skin naturally.


Depending on which area you have treated, the treatment can last anywhere between one and two hours. A trained Esthetician will place a smooth applicator on your skin. This delivers low levels of ultrasound that the Ultherapy® device focuses just beneath your skin. The effect is so gentle it leaves your surface skin entirely undisturbed.

Every patient has a expressed a different procedural comfort level, and there can be, but is not always, mild discomfort at the delivery of transformative energy. At New Image Med Spa we take great care to make sure your Ultherapy® in Chandler, AZ is pleasant as possible. This can include the delivery of mild pain medication.

Post Treatment

  • Up to an hour or so after your treatment, the treated area may express a slight redness.
  • Patients occasionally have skin that is tender to the touch, swells slightly, or tingles.
  • In this small patient percentage, these effects were found to be temporary and very mild.
  • Temporary and even less common post-procedural effects included small patches of numbness and bruising.

A large majority of patients only required one treatment of Ultherapy® in Chandler, AZ to achieve the desired results. Depending on your biological response and laxity, it may be beneficial to have additional treatments as everyone has unique collagen-building process in response to the ultrasound.

Are You A Candidate?

During your consultation our Esthetician will discuss your history and conduct a skin analysis to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Ultherapy®. We’re glad to answer any questions you may have and further detail the procedure and its associated benefits.

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