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Weight Loss with hCG

When you want healthy, fast, and safe weight loss in Chandler, visit New Image Med Spa. By combining hCG injections and/or sublingual drops with a very low calorie diet, we have developed two incredible weight loss systems that are sure to have you looking trimmer and feeling more energetic in a matter of weeks.

We offer a 23 Day Weight Loss Program & a 40 Day Weight Loss Program.

Both include:

  • Physician Visit
  • Health Assessment
  • Lab Order
  • Vitals, Pictures, Measurements
  • Diet Program & Instructions
  • Meal Planning
  • B Complex & Fat Burner Injections
  • hCG Injections
  • Weekly Visits
  • Post Diet Support

Weight Loss and hCG


Dr. A.T.W Simeons developed the hCG Diet after performing more than a decade of research. It was originally conceived after Dr. Simeons noticed a correlation between administration of hCG and the loss of abnormal fat. He continued analyzing thousands of cases before formulating the basis of the hCG weight loss program we use at New Image. Specifically designed to engage participants in a healthier lifestyle, the program works to help participants quickly return to a safe weight zone while practicing the dietary changes that will help them stay there.

Q. What is hCG?
A. hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone was first utilized for weight loss when physicians noticed overweight patients lost significant weight during pregnancy. Medical studies have since shown that when paired with exercise and a low calorie diet, hCG serves to increase fat loss and shed inches. At New Image a doctor will administer extremely low doses of the hormone during your program, but the benefits can be tremendous. These include:

  • An increase in mood
  • Heightened energy levels
  • Back pain and migraine pain relief
  • Accelerated loss of inches

Q. How does hCG work?
A. During pregnancy, the body uses hCG for immediate fat metabolization in order to provide the fetus and mother with energy. We utilize this same “fail-safe” mechanism in our program with comparatively minuscule amounts of hCG in order to achieve weight loss in Chandler.

Q. Is it safe?
A. hCG is incredibly safe. Women encounter extremely high levels when pregnant and encounter no adverse effects. There are no known side effects, and we always require a consultation with a doctor before beginning our program. The hormone is also found naturally in men, and they tend to get faster results and experience greater weight loss than women.

Q. How much weight loss will I experience with the program?
A. With the 40 day program, participants can expect to lose anywhere from 25-35 pounds. There are many factors that affect this amount including starting weight and weight loss goals. In the first week alone, many participants lose 7-10 pounds.

Q. Will weight loss decrease after two weeks?
A. After a large weight loss in the first week, there is often a plateau effect. Patients typically continue to lose inches on the program, and experience another large weight decrease. Weight loss generally occurs in this stair-step pattern.

Q. Is it alright to skip a protein or entire meal?
A. Not under any circumstances. Consuming your entire 500 calories, and particularly your protein, keeps your body from consuming muscle and continuing to consume fat.

Weight Loss Chandler

Q. Can I exercise while on the program?
A. No. Light exercise is acceptable but should not exceed 20 minutes of walking and several push-up or sit-ups. Exercise causes an increase in your appetite and combined with a low calorie intake could negatively impact your body. This could include putting it into starvation mode as well as adversely affecting your stamina levels. Please take it easy.

Q. Is a first week headache normal?
A. In the first week of the program some patients do get light headaches. This is due to a rapid release of fat cells and your body’s detoxification. Non-sugar coated Aspirin or Tylenol can help.

Q. Will I need to take any vitamins?
A. We advise patients to take sublingual B supplements while on the program. Vitamins free of sugar, fat-soluble ingredients, and vitamin D are acceptable as well.

Q. Can I take hCG drops longer than 42 days?
A.You can, but must break for 2 weeks after your first 42 days. Once the program is finished we advise patients to exercise during their maintenance period, and remember that the last 3 days of the program are drop free, but require they stick to the diet in order to flush out the remaining hCG.

Q. Can I drink alcohol on the program?
A. Dr. Simeons original diet protocol does not account or mention alcohol. Some program participants who drink have found that hCG helped them to break their drinking routines. Because the hormone treatment effects the hypothalamus, some have said they didn’t feel the need to drink at all. Due to the high caloric content of many alcoholic beverages it is advisable to abstain from alcohol as it may dramatically and negatively affect results.

Q. Can I wear makeup?
A. Yes. hCG does interact with creams, oils, and fats though. So avoid liquid make-ups, moisturizers, or lotions with oil. These can slow down weight loss. Pressed powders and mineral makeup are fine, as are other eye makeup and lipstick types. Lip gloss and Chapstick should be avoided, Carmex can be used instead. Mineral oil is also an acceptable moisturizer substitute.

Q. What if my weight loss plateaus?

  • If your weight loss rate decreases, try to increase water consumption to 1/2-1 gallon daily.
  • Limit fruit to one a day.
  • Stop mixing vegetables.
  • Inspect all condiments ingredient lists for sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, etc. and cease use if sugar or a derivative is found.
  • Drink a laxative tea if constipation occurs.
  • Many program participants have bowel movements reduced to every 3 or 4 days. This is not uncommon. Continue to drink plenty of fluids and do not consider this a disruption.
  • If weight loss stops for more than 5 or 6 days, consume 6 apples within 24 hours and nothing else save for water consumption.

New Image is revolutionizing weight loss with hCG, and we would love to help you on your journey. Call (480) 725-7235 or Contact us for more information today.

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